Taste the Bubbles of Italy!

Taste the Bubbles of Italy!

Hill Town Tours in Cortona, AR

Hill Town Tours in Cortona, AR

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Did you know that Italy is the biggest exporter of sparkling wine in the world? Enjoy this unique selection of 3 labels coming from one of the most iconic wine countries of the world. The Hill Town Tours sommelier team has selected some amazing labels that are difficult to find outside of Italy and all with high critic scores. Your collection will include 6 bottles from lesser known boutique wineries located in the best areas of Northern Italy. When ready for the tasting, take out your tasting notes, play your sommelier-led tasting video and experience all Italy has to offer! If you prefer a live chat with the sommelier, Zoom calls can be scheduled upon request. INCLUDES: - 2x PROSECCO SUPERIORE MONGARDA EXTRA DRY - 2x FRANCIACORTA MIRABELLA SATEN - 2x CUVÉE 970 ORIGO-GINIS BRUT ROSÉ - Shipping, Taxes, Duties, and Insurance - Tasting Notes and Pre-Recorded Guided Tasting by Sommelier - Zoom Chat with Sommelier Upon Request - 20% Discount on any Future Travel Experience with Hill Town Tours Shipping is not allowed to P.O. Boxes or to the following states: South Dakota, Utah, Mississippi, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii. Details: Taste the Bubbles of Italy!, Restrictions: Zoom call is scheduled upon request and subject to availability. In the rare case that one of the wines becomes unavailable, it will be substituted with a wine of the same quality or higher. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid year-round

A note from Ashe Arts & Stem Academy Inc: Our annual online auction is raising money to support our scholarship & mentoring programs. All auction proceeds will go directly to support these programs. Thank you to all of the generous donors. We greatly appreciate all of the chapters who are participating in these important programs, and we wish you good luck with your bids!

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