Tuscan Gourmet Cheese Tasting

Tuscan Gourmet Cheese Tasting

Hill Town Tours in Cortona, AR

Hill Town Tours in Cortona, AR

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Enjoy a Gourmet Food Basket with a collection of delicious products made in Tuscany and learn about the products from a qualified Cheese Taster! The basket includes a selection of 3 Pecorino Cheeses of different ages, all produced in the beautiful town of Pienza, considered one of the best Pecorino producing areas in all of Italy. This is paired with a selection of homemade jams. This gourmet basket would not be complete without a bottle of lovely Extra Virgin Olive produced in Tuscany as well as a delicious Balsamic Vinegar that has been aged 12 years to enjoy with the cheeses or to use in a variety of ways in the kitchen! Receive descriptive notes for each product with some great tips on how to best pair them together. INCLUDES: - Semi Aged 45 oz wheel of Pecorino di Pienza Crosta Rossa - Aged 45 oz wheel Pecorino di Pienza Crosta Nera and 45 oz wheel Pecorino di Pienza Crosta Oro - Extra Fig Jam (1.4 oz Jar), Red Onion Jam (1.4 oz Jar), and Sweet Hot Red Pepper Jam (1.4 oz Jar) - Balsamic Vinegar 12 years (3.4 fl oz) - Buraschi Bio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (17 fl oz) - Zoom Chat with qualified Cheese Taster upon request - 20% Discount on your choice of any Travel Experience with Hill Town Tours Price includes door-to-door shipping in vacuum-sealed bags, taxes, duties, and insurance. The cheeses are all aged or semi-aged so their freshness will not be affected by travel. Small duty fees may apply based on the delivery location. Details: Tuscan Gourmet Cheese Tasting, Restrictions: Zoom call is upon request and subject to availability. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid year-round

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