African Ancestry Matriclan DNA Test Kit

African Ancestry Matriclan DNA Test Kit

Donated by: African Ancestry

Donated by: African Ancestry

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Discover your mother's maternal roots with mtDNA Female and Male Test Takers This at-home test reveals the specific roots of your mother’s maternal line up to 2,000 years ago. An African result will receive both the country and ethnic group of origin. What You Get With Your Test • Your mtDNA has power. It provides energy for every cell in your body. mtDNA also has a series of unique markers that tell a profound story about you and your family. • For female and male test takers, your MatriClan Test kit includes everything you need to submit your cheek swab. With this DNA sample, our science team compares these markers to the largest African reference database in the world in order to find your mother's maternal roots from up to 2,000 years ago. Your results package will be delivered digitally and will include: • Your present-day African country and ethnic group, if your result is African. • Personalized Certificate Of Ancestry. • A new sense of pride in your identity and a deeper connection with your Ancestors. • HVR1, HVR2 and HVR3 (hypervariable region) designations and mitochondrial haplogroup. • “Guide to African History and Cultures” e-book. • Exclusive access to Online Community on Facebook.

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